Ovi v. Blip :: N96's Native Media Hosting

Nokia's 'native' video / still image upload client - that accepts larger-sized files - is Ovi, and this is their embed:

Only the owner of the media has access to direct download links to the files, and even then, it's some kind of script and not a direct URL. Rats. So I can't add a Quicktime enclosure for my RSS feed using Ovi.

Downloaded Qik's 3gp video file and uploaded it to Blip. (Can't seem to Bluetooth videos from the phone to the computer, no matter what I try.) Here's Blip's player embeded:


And here's the raw mp4 file uploaded to Blip.TV and transcoded to Flash there:

Much, much better, no?

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  1. how about sending it to computer wit the the usb cable??

  2. Good suggestion!

    I'm on a mac; Nokia's software CD doesn't support mac, so while I've tried to get the phone to sync via Parallels (running XP Home), it's not really happening in the 10-hour Nokia N96 day I put in. Yet.

    I was, however, able to mount the N96 as an external drive in XP, and could therefore drag and drop the video files over, but less elegant than being able to Bluetooth 'em since I'm a wee bit anti-cable :)

  3. So you can either use Nokia proprietary flash embed or have a teeny tiny postage-stamp sized video? That's a bit lame. C'mon Nokia, give us big video we can distribute anywhere.

  4. To be fair, Cheryl, the workflow for the small Blip file was this:

    1) Post via N96 to Qik
    2) Download Qik's 3gp file to MacBook Pro
    3) Add metadata in Quicktime Pro
    4) Save as self-contained mov
    5) Upload to Blip.tv

    Ovi's compression is pretty darned good, but unlike Qik -- where you and all your pals have access to all the files (3gp, flash and mp4) for download -- Ovi restricts downloads to the owner of the media.

    While Ovi doesn't (yet) allow auto or even manual cross-posting to external blogs, it does offer embed and html code as well as two flavors of code designated 'forum 1' and 'forum 2'. Looks like the 'forum' designations might be wiki code.

  5. @The Nokia Blog - I was able to mount the N96 phone as a hard drive via Bluetooth on the mac using Bluetooth's 'browse device' option. That was pretty sweet.


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