Why Shoot Video / Record Audio?

Why do YOU shoot video? Part of my own mission as media maker is not to disengage myself from being there while still documenting. The cellphone capable of video makes that possible. A beta N96 phone makes its way to me in short order. The video quality improves every year.
clipped from www.nytimes.com
Many times I have seen people (and yes, been guilty of) filming an experience rather than actually experiencing it. It can be as though you aren't even there, if you're peering at your daughter's birthday party through a viewfinder the whole time.
Glenn Reid, the programmer who, at Apple 10 years ago, wrote the original iMovie:

“I never made home movies, but I did make audio recordings. Almost every night when I put my little girls to bed, I would go over the highlights of what happened that day. Then they would then say their prayers and go to sleep.

“I plan to play these recordings on my deathbed to remind myself what a wonderful life I had.”

'Plant a seed for a tree you'll never sit under.'


  1. How do you get a beta N96?

    I find it hard to document while remaining engaged, but it's worth trying again and again.

  2. I have no idea how I got it...they emailed me soon after making an inquiry to Grace Piper on Twitter. Perhaps Twitter is key?

    Insofar as remaining engaged is concerned, the first step is intention, the second is to get a 'feel' for 'the' moments, e.g. when to turn on the camera and when to turn it off.

  3. You may ask for any Nokia phone to test here:


    Is that cool or what?

    Don't know if it will help, but tell 'em I sent ya.


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