Sunstroke Live :: 12/3/80 :: Playlist

Set #1

  • * Tell Me More 'Bout Your Love - written by Phil Platten
  • Kissing & A Huggin' - Joan Armatrading
  • * Manhattan Connection - Jan McLaughlin
  • Medley: Fever - Peggy Lee
  • Chuck E's in Love - Ricki Lee Jones
  • All my Friends are Troubadors - ?
  • * A Waste of Good Cologne - Jan McLaughlin
  • Under the Falling Sky - Jackson Browne
  • Honey Don't Leave LA - James Taylor
  • * Shufflin' Our Way into Heaven - Phil Platten
Set #2
  • Dance Medley: You Can't Sit Down; Wah-Wahtusi; Boogitie-Boogitie-Shoop; The Bristol Stomp; Nah-Nah-Nha-Nha-Nha

Can hardly believe the old Nagra III still cranks up. I think after I finish digitizing all the tapes, I should sell it. Hey, if any of you have 2-track analog tapes you want digitized, let me know before too long. I'd be happy to help.

God knows what these tapes were recorded on - I have to guess it was 2-track. Can't remember who might have recorded for us. Even the venue is unclear.

Feels like a miracle.

Going through the old boxes is dusty & lonely work, except for the fact that I get to share this stuff with friends & family. Otherwise, why bother?

* Original tunes

Faux Press Line :: Do Not Cross

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