Re-Post :: Never Use an Umbrella Again :: Springtime Tip

rain gear

Since acquiring the Inverness Rain Cape I've given up umbrellas.

It's spring and here in the northeast U.S., one of 3 rainy months.

I fold the hat into the pocket of the cape - which folds darned small - and keep it handy.

In combination with Outdoor Research's Seattle Sombrero anti-rain headwear (the brim's big enough to keep most of the rain from dripping down one's neck), and a pair of Neo over-the-shoe rain boots (fast on / fast off), one never need struggle with an umbrella again.

Especially helpful for those who like or need to keep their hands free.

As one who spends occasionally inordinate amounts of time outdoors in all kinds of weather, I can say without qualification, this is the best $180 I ever spent.

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