The Psychic Poets :: Art Infomercial

An excerpt from a longer work titled "The Psychic Poets".

Art & Commerce.

That's my ex.

We got awfully silly as poets.

So silly we got drummed out of an experimental poetry workshop @ St. Marks Church. Bernadette Mayer. Yeah.

They just didn't get it.

They missed the point.

Bruce. Me. Elaine Jones and Ed McPhillips.

The four of us did a lot of poetry performance together. Bunches of films (in 16mm), audio tapes, live performance. I'd forgotten how much product we created together as an emsemble. We were prolific.

We even wrote a play together that was produced a couple times by the four of us, and once by Toni Taylor of Pi Dance Theatre.

Transferring old media to new media is simultaneously pain in the ass and amazing journey.

Connecting with old friends temporarily lost to the settlement agreement.

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