Revisiting Road Node 101 Autumn 2005

With the return of Tim D to the vlogosphere and reconnecting with Margot Lynch through Facebook and MySpace, revisit Autumn 2005 travels.

Spent two months in D's Saratoga Springs working with Margot. That film project was one of those seminal work events you KNOW will be with you as part of the Big Slide Show in the end.

"The Timeless" tune in WGA strike re-run here is one that Margot played for the sound department one day at lunch when Neil (boom) and I broke out the cart for recording sound effects.

Margot sets my brain on fire.

Great to have you both back in my life.

Here's the recording for download in .mp3 There's a better-produced recording of the tune on Margot's Myspace page. Check it out.


  1. What a voice. And what a song. Gorgeous. Thanks for the download.

  2. Fond memories, for sure. My first time on a movie set. My first time meeting a famous actor up close. My first meeting an eminent vlogger. A lot of firsts! Let's do Indian again sometime.

  3. margot malia lynch2/21/2008 05:36:00 PM

    Love you Jan! I'll never forget that production. So many times I was hidden in a road block vehicle so when I was cut loose I loved interacting with the totally rad crew. And you are the gem. My voice was froggy that day. Thank you!

  4. Ah, but Margot, you handled the frog like a true pro. You make it Olympic.


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