Mom's Friend Pearl :: Embroidery Gender Relations Meditation

Embroidery is not a lost art: a meditation on gender relations.

Pearl recently moved and Mom was hot to see her new space.

Got to meet bunches of Mom's buddies during this last visit as I shuttled her around for visits she doesn't get to easily make.

So good to get to know these fine folks.

So good.


  1. all her work is awesome. she's ike an ultra cool embroidery nerd without even knowing it. just being really good at what you do. it's good to see the craft world move into places like http://etsy.com. (semanal!)

  2. Yes indeed, Jay...

    "An ultra-cool embroidery nerd..."

    Got a necklace from Etsy as a gift; made by the neice of a colleague, HERE.


    Will photopost an image shortly...


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