Two-Camera Production Value

Team Blue (Joel & Tajee) had the great pleasure of working with two of the same Xacti E1 digital cameras at the same time for Sunday's VlogEurope Treasure Hunt.

This is the same movie previously posted but with the addition of a second or two from the second camera wielded well by Tajee.

Does that single extra shot add value to the piece? You tell me. I think it does.

It's complicated to keep the footage straight.

My workflow was thus:

Xacti --> SD card --> card reader --> drag-n-drop files into folders named for the cameras - e.g. white and blue --> drag-n-drop into Sanyo/Xacti Final Cut Express HD project.

Next time I would separate the footage by location during dailies screening, placing 'water shots' in one sequence, 'breakfast shots' in another sequence, 'foot fetish' shots into 'boring', etc.

The Xacti waterproof cameras themselves dried off very well.

Heidelberg was the perfect spot for a field operation with waterproofs. Tons o' fountains.

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