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Lumière Manifesto.

At worst, we destroy important viewpoints through unnecessary editing.

I don't particularly cotton to rules except not to break them when to do so risks arrest.

Raymond asks good questions in the Heidelberg couch sessions

VlogEurope Media Ripples.

A cult of affinity.

To which there is all and no allegiance.

For all the land, stone & water
there was not
much common ground.

It was - rather -
uncommon common air;

a union of propensity and proclivity
toward progeneration of
fine, and noteworthy nothings.

- Jan

I give you T.S. Eliot's "Prufrock and Other Observations" of +- 00:36:00 length for a short film. I plan to collect Lumières for it. Feel free to mash up. CC Attribution | Non-commercial.

Play with 'chance' a wee bit.

Faux Press Line :: Do Not Cross


  1. That was sooo beautiful. I closed my eyes and drifted away on the hypnotic spoken word.

  2. Yes - this poem is one of the finest of the 20th Century. It is for sure a drug. Gets better with age, too.

  3. Great lumiere jan! Definitely one of my favorites. I loved the scooter, it just seems so unstable there. And then the car? Nice car... on a barge... very odd. Funniest thing... was that SKIS on the roof?


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