Williamsburg, Brooklyn - There's a Reason Wburg is HOT

Ideas and inspiration are executed and palpable in Wburg. Go stand on any corner and close your eyes for a minute to feel it. Let it move you. That's what happened to 11211 Magazine and Wburg.TV: we were inspired to action by the place itself.
clipped from www.nytimes.com
THE PRETENTIOUS FESTIVAL Williamsburg, Brooklyn, June 1-30. Does any company (outside of Les Freres Corbusier) market its shows better than the Brick Theater? This outfit understands the first rule of getting attention: You got to have a gimmick. The last two summers have brought us the $ellout Festival and the Moral Values Festival, but this year they may have topped themselves, ironically (I think) embracing the black-turtleneck-wearing aesthete inside us all. The shows include the self-explanatory “Macbeth Without Words”; “The Children of Truffaut,” about ’70s art house cinema; and John DeVore’s “Sophisticates,” about two self-important bloggers. In his press release, the co-artistic director, Michael Gardner, boasts, “The Brick is as self-indulgent and impenetrable as the most oblique and experimental performance organizations in the city.” Them’s fighting words. (212) 352-3101, bricktheater.com/pretentious.

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