My Heart's in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Lived for a decade in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. My heart's still there, though I now live elsewhere.

While there, I was a contributing writer for 11211 Magazine, an endeavor for which I hold deep respect for its early open source editorial policy that continues with a new open editorial video project:

Deeply happy for the opportunity to revisit Wburg more frequently as we gear up for the launch of Wburg.TV (and its associated Wburg.TV videoblog) this Saturday. My goal is to turn advertising on its head as I bring vlogging principles into the advertising space with vlogvertising.

If you're going to be in Billyburg on Saturday, hope you'll stop by and say, "Hello!" 'cause we're holding a funeral for advertising.

Advertising is dead. We come not to praise it, but to bury it.

Wburg.TV Launch
Saturday May 12
6 - 9 PM
Laila Lounge
113 North 7th
(Wythe / Berry)
BBQ (meat & vegetarian)
live acoustic music

Faux Press Line :: Do Not Cross

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