Jen Simmons and I spent most of Super Happy Vlog House day together, our auditory and visual lives connected via Skype as we edited. Some cussing, lots of laughing and learning ensued.

We stayed on Skype as folks gathered in meatspace for SHVH and joined the flash conference.

Deciding we liked the more relaxed feeling of being able to speak at will without hitting the 'broadcast' button, we invited other flash conference attendees into a Skype conference call.

While we did not record much of what happened since 'broadcasting' created an untenable feedback loop - even with everyone on headphones - the feeling that the flash conference was more fun that way was universal.
Formats available: Third Generation Platform (.3gp) Quicktime (.mov)

POST NOTE: As Ms. Colan notes in the comments, one of the conference rules was "from the nose, up..."


  1. You didn't mention the other Skype requirement of being visible only from the nose up. :)

  2. cool. doing it by skype is a great idea. glad it worked. so often great ideas fall foul of tech problems. will have to find fun ways to do things with this... and record it? interesting.


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