$3500 for a Video Resume

Monetizing videoblogging comes to mind.
clipped from www.nytimes.com

“We live in an on-demand world where people want the most detailed information to make a decision, as well as the ability to make that decision quickly,” said Nicholas Murphy, 27, the co-founder of WorkBlast.com. The site, which made its debut last week, aims to help users create online video résumés. It also allows employers to videotape themselves so they can advertise to prospective employees.

The trainer Dr. Rawitt hired, Bill McGowan, is a former anchor, reporter and producer at ABC, and he specializes in the visumé— a two-and-a-half- minute visual résumé. He has created about a dozen in the last year, at a charge of $3,500 each.


  1. Holy smoke.
    People PAY this?
    Oh God, the part of me that says Don't Kill The Thing You Love By Doing It For A Living and the other part of me that says the opposite are at constant war.

  2. Yeah.

    That's the very reason I've been meditating on "Art & Commerce" these many years.

    I think I've found the answer to the legitimate marriage of the two here: http://wburgconcierge.com/vlog/

    At least for the time being.

    We'll see if I ever get paid in dollars as opposed to ads.


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