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As an early adopter of 'faux' everything, most particularly The Faux Press, this article from NYPress tickled my funnybone.

I am one of those real bo's who refuse to sign a lease, etc.

It's lonely here in my new non-Fauxbo neighborhood.

But that lonliness got me into videoblogging / podcasting and recording audiobooks, and that's no bad thing. Or is it?

What else is to be gotten out of it? Ten years before the 'hood gets hip. I get to play pioneer. I get low rent, high street-tax*, and no cafe in which to hang and shoot the shit.

* Street-tax = crime
clipped from www.nypress.com
Does the Fauxbo move into gentrified neighborhoods, or are neighborhoods gentrified by the Fauxbo’s presence? Either way, they live in areas once reserved for the type of bohemians who refused to sign a lease or hold a steady job—except Fauxbos sign a $2,000 a month lease and make an annual salary of $80,000 or more. 
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