Developers Code Twitter into a Ubiquitous Social Ap

And now, Frapper's in the game with Twitterami. You guessed it, found out about it reading Twitter posts. Thanks, Scoble.

I prefer being ahead of the curve, and being ahead or near the head of the curve is something Twitter makes easier.

Due caution: it's windy here.

Used Frapper with good success with Road Node 101 and also using it to plot Robert Smithson's world-wide earthworks for a Have Money Will Vlog project-in-progress called "ArtSmash".

Faux Press Line :: Do Not Cross


  1. I just signed up for twitter on Sunday and now I see this! There are way too many cool toys out there to play with these days! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am not sure would say "Frapper's in the game with Twitterami"...

    I'm the guy that made twitterami, but frappr was the best resource I could think of to make the geography thing happen, so I just created an account!!!???

    I wish they would help me out a little so you would not have to click around so much to get it to work...paul

  3. A bad placement of the names, BlogPaul, agreed, but Frapper's my first instinct and first relationship having used it long before I met you.

    Concur that Frapper has a lousy UI. Not intuitive at all, but easy to sign up and look at, as it 'plays' the locations automatically.


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