Videoblogging Week 2007 :: Wiki

Thanks to Steve & Josh for setting up a wiki for the Videoblogging Week event. All the info you'll need in order to play the game is there.

What you gain by participating:
  • learn to be less precious about your work;
  • acquire speed; and
  • open yourself up to collaboration.


April 1st - 7th


Participating videobloggers post a new video to their blog based on a common theme every day for a week.

Videoblogging week started in 2004 with less than ten videobloggers as a participatory way to raise awareness of videoblogging and welcome new videobloggers. In 2005 and 2006 it grew to include hundreds of videobloggers. In 2007 we hope tousands.

Every year videoblogging week is based on a theme. For example in 2006, it was "vlogging dangerously". There have been several themes proposed this year such as the "seven deadly sins" for seven days. Past single day themes have included "I love" and "anarchy".

Please join the yahoo videoblogging group to participate in the discussion and find out the latest information.

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