The Faux Press #7 :: Digital Collaboration :: Network Expertise

Gabcast! The Faux Press #7

Have long wanted, but not yet recorded T.S. Eliot's "The Wasteland" because of difficulties in pronunciation. Greek. Latin. German. French. Have heretofore surrendered to the impossibilities.

With a world-wide network of experts upon whom to draw, my dream of recording this fine poem will soon be realized.

Imagine your digital contacts as resources and friends.

Knowing you people exist makes me smile.

Thanks to Chris Ritke for the German lines.

Thanks, David, for the Latin. David - not yet up to speed for recording digitally - just left a message on my cell phone. No problem. I played his message back on speaker, and recorded it to Audacity.

It's important that folks who are not so familiar with the in's and out's of digital media can play along.

Download the podcast mp3.