I'm Loving Firefox's Del.icio.us Tagging Extension

Del.icio.us has changed my online research life.

Del.icio.us elevates netsurfing from procrastination to art.

It helps me think. It helps me make and retain connections. Helps me plan events, like the Second Life Burns Night benefit for Creative Commons.

Helps construct trajectories, including travel trajectories since I store links to directions and wifi spots as I do my travel planning.

Now, the Del.icious Bookmark extension for Mozilla Firefox browser puts two Del.icio.us [Christ I hate typing 'Del.icio.us'] buttons in your toolbar.

Rather than having to click through and open the Del.icio.us page to tag or find something (often slooooooow), the entension's two convenient browser buttons open popup windows with 'your tags' or the 'tag this' pages.



And fast.

The install also cleared two spaces for the many javascript bookmarklets I use every day many times a day.

If you don't use Firefox, shame on you.

If one of you expresses an interest in the comments, I shall do a bookmarklets tutorial, and get more specific about how they've improved my online quality of life.


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