Blogger's Indentified The Faux Press as a Spam Blog :: How to Initiate a Review


HERE are all the discussions on the Google discussion forum. Lots.

My research indicates the following as a possible solution:

  1. Make sure when you submit your request for review that your browser travels to a page that indicates your review request has been submitted. My first three requests were not submitted, though there was no way to tell that was the case.
  2. Clear your browser's cache and then restart your browser and submit again.

Having done step #2 above, the next time I typed in my user name and the kaptcha, I was delivered to the proper page that states something to the effect that your request has been recieved and you will be notified via email when the problem is resolved.

Six hours later I was back in business (if you can call this that).

If you're NOT getting to the page shown above, your request has not been officially submitted.

Hope this helps.

Despite being 48 hours offline blogging, I'm delighted that Google / Blogger is doing some more aggressive work to eliminate Spam Blogs. The 'Flag Blog' button at the upper left corner of Blogger blogs is for the purpose of flagging spam blogs. Use it!

Will they delete spam blogs and return their names for use?

And that raises another question: will Blogger ever delete unused blogs that hold valuable names? I wanted but could not get 'survivingdepression.' Someone's held that blog without posting anything since early 2004. Tried to write the owner, but the profile's email was dead and comments are disabled. Sigh. There must be millions of Blogger blogs like that.

It's my understanding that one's Blogger blog lasts forever.

Anybody know different?


  1. You're welcome. Seemed like I might save folks some time, trouble & frustration as Blogger's war on spam blogs kicks into high gear.

    BTW, I'm making it a point now to visit Blogger blogs using the 'next blog' arrow and flagging at least one spam blog a day.


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