Specials :: Dance / Art

Specials :: Dance / Art
Originally uploaded by Jannie-Jan.
From a collection of graphics for restaurant installation in 2002 at Ciao Bella, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, County of Kings, USA.

Metaphrasty at work. Can you figure out how many genres are combined in this piece that appears in a plastic table display, ripe for art theft?

Somebody at the restaurant broke the glass over one of my paintings. The owner took it to a gallery for repair, but I've not seen the thing since.

Oh, well.


  1. I absolutely love this piece! sometimes people just need a little encouragement, and then wonderful things can happen. makes me think printing a bunch of them on cardstock (postcard size) and distributing them everywhere in hopes they got taken and ACTED upon would be a killer good project. thanks for showing it, and planting yet more seeds.

  2. For me, successful art enables one person to make a gesture - something I consider 'dance' - to spend time - in response to it.

    The trick is to have the art invite - leave room for - that gesture.

    A different kind of collaboration.


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