Faux Parade :: The Princess & The Man of Her Dreams :: Click.tv Test #3

Been working with the fabulous Click.tv team to troubleshoot a bit of an issue. Happily, they got a previously problematic timecode-based comment post using their free service up and jumping in a couple of days. Beta testing is demanding but rewarding work. Mostly, love seeing the results of the back and forth.

Thanks, Click! Working fine...

POST NOTE: The java-based code generated didn't work in Blogger Alpha, tho it used to work in Beta if I overrode the error message. What you see above is Click's 'alternative code' solution that doesn't support the 'email' function. Getting closer :)

Here's the original, java-based code for comparison:

POST-POST NOTE: Hrm. Now both bits of code appear to work. Go figure.

Best possible outcome for Click anyway.



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