Re-vlog :: Media Nipple on 49Media Podcast

Photo by Chuck Olsen

Holland Wilde is a cultural farmer and maker of the videoblog site "Media Nipple" whose motto is "nipples sell everything."

In the linked post - one of his recent best - he examines the recent media trend of demonizing nature. Holland says:

Television must make money. And one of the very best ways to attract viewer eyeballs is to create fear. This makes Nature a perfect target for exploitation. In a mediated world, humans must fear all that is natural.

Holland collects and shares moving images from the MSM for analysis and shows us where the media's headed. Consuming the soon-to-be Doctor Wilde's media excerpts is an effective antedote to propaganda and highly recommended.

Chris Ritke @ Road Node 101 House
In the media enclosure, Chris Ritke of 49Media interviews Holland on the what's and why's of the necessity of Cultural Farming. Chris is a fine interviewer. I know from experience.



  1. Holy cow Jan - this just popped up in my google alerts (yeah, I'll admit it) - thanks for the nice words. And yes, I am a big fan of Holland - as I am of you.

    As for my interviews - I'm doing this new thing on 49sparks.com, but FOCUSED (darn it) on designers, illustrators etc - it's sooo much fun meeting and speaking with so many cool people, again. And now I'm doing more and more video - it really is more compelling, what should I say.

  2. Yeah. Thought you must have *something in place for tracking talk about 49Media at least :)

    Hehehe. Devious way of saying "Hello" to you. Yes, I admit it.

    Will check out your new http://49sparks.com endeavor thoroughly in due course, but I did see the "Adult Toys" video. And that totally rocked.


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