"The Architect" in theaters December 1, 2006

"The Architect" - a film for which I did the sound - will be in theaters on December 1.

Was working when the crew screening was scheduled, so I've not seen it yet. Should YOU see it, let me know how it came out. Can't wait for news...


An inverview at Nerve.com with Anthony LaPaglia, who was exceptionally cool to work with.



  1. Wow, My mackyard.

    As someone who's a huge fan and student of Chicago Architecture this is definitely my sort of movie.

    I've always found the story of the Robert Taylor homes fascinating.

    They fulfilled an immediate need, and in that they weren't a complete failure.

    The failure was in relying on them for so long.

    It's a typical case of you can't "give" people things. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish...

    You get the idea.

    The most fasinating aspect of all is the architect as most architects thought they could "uplift souls" with these buildings. Instead they just became vertical slums, slums in the sky, some of the worst at that.

    Can't wait to see this movie.

    BTW, I watched another movie recently called The Belly of an Architect with Brian Dennehy.

    As well as My Architect about Louis Kahn by his son.

    Yeah, I'm a bit of an architect freak.

  2. Did the sound for that Louis Kahn documentary, too :)

    Small world.

    Kahn's is an amazing story.

  3. Wow, that's the hollywood effect.

    Hollywood conneted people are just more interesting. It's like that six degrees of that one actor thing. :)

    I knew there was a reason I like you Jan. You're so hollywood, I'm not worthy. I'm just some dude from a cow town in Michigan.

    Well, actually it's corn.


    Seriously though. It's not just the hollywood effect, not just that you work on hollywood movies.

    We are approaching the singularity.


    Ok... but I kid I kid. Yes... the architecture thing. I find louis Kahn fasinating. So driven.. such a late bloomer. How does one keep going their whole life with such vision when everything in the world seems to reject them. Only to die alone in deserted bathroom at Union Station. It's madness and genius. The sheer force of self confidence to go an entire life like that is fascinating.

    It's not like he was Frank Gehry during his lifetime. He struggled every inch of the way.


  4. Glad you were kidding. Fact is, I approach the Hollywood thing with lips drawn in on one side of my face in an almost frown.

    Having seen close hand one amazing man nearly destroyed by celebrity-related unhappiness and the alienation it creates, I've no patience with nor tolerance for it. The closer I get to it, the more I want to draw away. The hierarchy sux.

    It is a job and fodder for art. That's all.

    The Kahn Documentary and other worthy documentaries on which I've worked are NOT Hollywood. You know that, right? :)

    Didn't realize the Kahn doc was out on DVD so I ordered it from Netflix and pushed it to the top of my cue. Had frankly forgotten about it. These things often go unrealized. For some reason, understaffed documentary film makers forget to let their crews know anything about what's going on. Then one day, the entry will show up in IMDB under your name. Weird IMDB.com didn't include my name in the sound credits. I filed a correction because I'm proud of being attached to this one.

    Spent an afternoon alone with Frank Gehry for the Kahn thing. Sat in his office for a long time, looking at the models.

    My ex-husband got me interested in architecture as he did a show on paintings and stills around the Flatiron Building in NYC. Learned a lot by osmosis in that process.


    And you, so near Chicago. McKim, Mead, White town that it is. Ah.


  5. I completely understand you Jan.

    The Web2.0 thing is not so completely different. There's the reality, the down to earth nitty gritty of making a good movie, and there's all that other spin out there do to cellebrity and hype.

    I was joking, and in reality it isn't some hollywood effect. It's despite it. The more I see the web 2.0 (just like the dot-com thing) or the hollywood side of things the more I withdraw from it. I think we share the same passion to create, to collaborate, to build, but if I'm correct about you then neither of us have any interest in stepping out from behind the scenes.

    BTW, I met Frank Gehry in Chicago somewhere around 2000/2001. He was goving a small speach at one of the architectural foundations and I have a few friends in the field so I went.

    There is something to be said though for catlysts. Chicago, NY, the Flat Iron building, even silicon valley and hollywood. They often provide connections between rela people that turn out to be important, but that's about as much as I would claim. Catalyst.




  6. this looks great. Thanks for sharing!


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