Shari Carpenter :: Script Supervisor

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Had the great pleasure of working with Shari recently, and she graciously agreed to an after-work interview and tour of her script supervisor bag of tricks. She's also got some good advice for folks just starting out at anything.

Quicktime file.



  1. did you get a new camera?
    the thing is looking NICE!!!

    great vid
    i enjoyed meeting shari!

  2. I too enjoyed meeting shari.

    I added this to my slowly growing collection of vloggersations.


    I love to hear people talk about what it is and how they do it.

    Especially when they've got such interesting darn jobs.

    A breath of fresh air. :)

    Haven't talked in a while. I haven't seen you on IM. Hope you've been keeping busy. Talk to you soon.

  3. Hey, Ryanne - yeah - new camera. The latest TRV version that will still play my old tapes (I hope).

    Isn't Shari special? Now, to see some of her filmworks...

    Love introducing the vlogosphere to my film buddies and vice versa, which is I'm thinking my purpose with this vlog - the cross-pollination of the two incredibly different / same / wondrous worlds.

    Have an idea brewing for a cross-pollinated entertainment vehicle based on that principle. Wish us all luck :)

  4. Jan, that's a brilliant thought.

    You're a "bridge vlog"... it's just you're not bridging the cultural boundries between japan and the US... or the east and the west... It's between the film world and the vlogging world.

    Yet another reason why I love your vlog.

  5. Hehehe, Michael.

    Thanks for saying. Needed to hear that today.

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