Roadie Poetry from Savage Chickens

Impossible for me to resist sharing this with y'all.

Gigglin' m'self silly over here.

Thanks Doug.

Hey, Doug, if your cartoons were in pdf format, they'd be sucked down the RSS tube for distribution through iTunes. I'm just saying...

I'm currently subscribed to your fine cartoons via RssFwd.com They arrive with my email. Would love to have 'em come through iTunes.

iTunes recognizes pdf files, which is a great way to share text / photos where layout means something.

The ulterior motive in mentioning this is to encourage developers to create a single means of aggregation that will deal with any rich media I want to create or consume - audio, video, still images, pdf's and text.

So far, iTunes comes closest since they pass pdf's, but as MMeiser says, iTunes doesn't link back to creators, and the capacity to travel with one click to the original post is more important than you might at first blush think.


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