One Reason to Love the Film Business

One repeating advantage of being in the film business is the demand crews spend lots of time in places and under circumstances others are not likely to enjoy.

Having spent a night at the Statue of Liberty crawling around her belly for four hours as she was lit, how could I pleasurably see her in the company of thousands of strangers? I am a jealous friend of beauty.

Lady Liberty is especially beautiful at night; her abdomen a warren of stairways.

Here is the view from Roosevelt Island to the sunrise. Aaah. And the 59th Street (or Queensboro) Bridge. I've lots of friends working at Silvercup Studios these days. I miss 'em.



  1. So many people dread there jobs. It is nice to see you enjoying the adventure of the work that you do!

    Great view. After living in the country I actually miss the city sometimes.

  2. Hehehe. It's a love/hate relationship. Just now focussing on finding the 'love' part again. Comes and goes.

    Great to hear from you, Jen.

    You'll be in the city soon, no? :)

  3. Ahh...I do so love the 59th street bridge (not so much the lower level on a Friday, though)

    Not only do you see the coolest parts of thie city in your line of work, but you see them at the oddest and coolest times of day, too, I'd bet! Super early and super late!

  4. Super early and super late are my favorite times of day, for sure, Miss B.

    I do love your comments :)

    Let me know when you have some time off and I'll see if I can't get you on set to take some footage in your inimitable way.


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