Shoes as Tools :: Firemen

Sometimes tools are not objects, but in the way you set those objects up. In this movlog, we see how firemen keep their shoes laced only part-way up for ease of kicking off as they nearly jump into their prepared boots / pants combo stacked up on the floor.

Here are also some well-developed calves. Ah. Ladies? Guys are so cute when they're vain.

Loved being in and around the pure masculine energy of the firehouse.
POST NOTE: After some months experimentation with movolgging, pushing the limits, begin to see where the limits lie.

1) Keep the camera waaaaay close to the subject for sound. The phone will hear you the shooter 50% better than the person in front of the camera.

2) If the background noise is high, don't bother if sound is important unless your subject is shouting. And then you risk distortion.

3) Keep camera movement slow. Very slow.

4) Good light is imperative.

POST NOTE: Testing Blip's new embedding code generating machine. Clicking on the image below should open a popup window with the flash version of the enclosure included.


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  1. Great Idea....great post...great pics....Everything great likeTimberland shoes....


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