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Ilene is a friend of Richard's Wife. Spent a couple days winding down with her and her fine family and friends in the Ozark's watery woods, this time almost completely off the grid. Let's just say there was no electricity nor plumbing and if one bar of cell phone connection proved good enough to get email and iChat a bit with Mr. Meiser, that was good enough for me.

Couldn't even edit, which was in its way good as I contemplated the Road Node's next miles' directions. The plan is to travel to D.C. - but more on that later.

The things learned in Ilene's company are beyond telling. You'll just have to see me in person to know that ancient mountain wisdom is pretty darned wise. Ilene's recollection of her grandfather's recipe for a long life is trite compared to the rest of what she and her sisters and daughters know and began to share.

We were a bevy of excellent women celebrating lots of stuff together. There were a few men along for the ride who really got it, too, which was of comfort, Eric, Mark and Rich.

Apart from that, I'm recovering from a slight case of poison ivy - my first - and look forward to a couple of days enjoying tomato season in Western Pennsylvania where the days are hot and the nights, cool, and my family waits with arms open wide. It will be great to be in another homeplace so soon.

Richard, Maureen, Lisa, Destiny: your hospitality, homespun humor, and lightness will remain with me always. I love you all.

POST NOTE: XO to Mrs. Vandenberg, Ilene, Luce, Destiny, Lisa, Mark, Eric, Rich, Allison, Carol...OMG...met sooo many fine folks in the Ozarks.

Also, have linked now to the .mov version of the file. Hope that works for our Linux-based friends :)

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  1. While mplayer can play 3gp videos, I've not yet found any application
    that will play 3gp with audio under Linux.

  2. Will republish as .mov soonest. Sorry for the trouble.

  3. Jan,
    You are a joyful and spritely spirit. We were honored to have you among us and I know I look forward to having you with us again. Don't forget you're family now!

  4. How could I possibly forget my Missouri family? Never. Ever. XOXO


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