Node 101 Weekend :: Chicago

Kevin Buckstiegel - host
David Meade
Curtis J

Our collective assessment of relationship advice / wisdom. Kevin and Matt put me up for a night of great vlogversation in Chi-town. Net/net: Curtis got a fire lit under his ass to travel to Node 101 Weekend in St. Louis and much to our collective delight, I popped Curtis' in-front-of-the-camera cherry. Exciting stuff.

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  1. Plugged into the masculine in Chicago, to be sure. But I do think that with the constitutional right to bear arms, we ought all to be familiar with their operation and what they do.

  2. Good times, Good times. I'm remembering a moment from college when my roommate asked me how I would feel about having a gun in the apartment. My response was "That depends on which of us has the Gun". We never (to my knowledge) got a gun.

    I don't really expect that I'm going to hook up with a gun loving Ms. Right (although I would make an exception should Sydney Bristow walk into my life) .... but if I do, she'll not be the only one who can fire it.

  3. Words of wisdom, to be sure.


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