St. Louis Vloggercue / Node 101 Weekend

St. Louis Vloggercue / Node 101 Weekend
Holy cannoli.

Hit St. Louis for Node 101 Weekend like a drunk hits a brick wall, thinking it's a spring-loaded swinging door: knees happily weak, full throttle, and honestly believing I'd just keep going through that not-a-door. Hadn't been nor could I drink, road-drunk as I was.

Knew when I set the last few Node Trip pearls 550 miles apart on the necklace the path formed across the northern U.S. midwest, that the last few would be a challenge. Aye. Thankfully, Bill Streeter and the assembled vloggers offered a soft landing spot of welcome, laughter, liquid, food, conversation, vlogs, and finally a comfortable couch upon which to recover for the evening gathering and the premiere of Susan Kirkpatrick's massive music video collaboration, a process by means of which participants began to learn in finer detail the exegencies of creative commons licensing for collaboration.

The Chicago vloggers made a remarkably strong showing in St. Louis, and there were in attendance lots of Streeter-inspired locals, too, some new to personal media, eyes aglow with the understanding of enormous possibility.

I write you from The Richard Show's Ozarks where a million cicadas buzz this early morning with animal kingdom news: time to get it on.

I happily report that the vlog network thrives and is strong.

The much-anticipated testosterone time with Adam Quirk and friends has been postponed, and so I'm hanging here an extra day or two to learn some things from The Richard Show Dynasty as we dog-paddle in Little Piney Creek.

More later.


  1. Thanks for making this stop in St. Louis Jan. I remember reading about your Road Node trip last summer and thinking how cool it would be if you came to St. Louis. Well now you have, and it was cool. It was nice to finally get some real face time in with you. Hope you are enjoying your time at the Richard house.

    Also the text of this post seems to be very small. I don't know why that is. Perhaps a misapplied style?

  2. sounds like an awesome time all the way around! Nice looking veggie-cue, too!

  3. Well, Bill, your browser sees more than mine - I don't see any text at all, dagnabbit. Have been trying to get it to show like the dickens. Think I'll just give it a whole new post of its own & see if that helps. Sigh.


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