Road Node 101::Report from I-90 West

this is an audio post - click to play

This section of highway is brought to you by Reality Sandwich, a real human being, dealing with the sandwich that is life. Ah. Thanks, Tim.

POST NOTE: The last two audio posts were made via the Nokia 6682 phone and Cingular's broadband service while actually driving. Amazing that they came through at all really. Very pleased with the effect. Don't see a log of vloggers using the Blogger capacity to record and upload mp3 files from your phone. Check out Audioblogger.


  1. Say ... do you know any Cingular stores that actually HAVE a Nokia 6682 in stock???

  2. Got mine as an upgrade online through Cingular. Hear they were out of production for a while but then came back in the winter of 2006.


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