Road Node 101 :: Cory Vandenberghe in Minnesota

Cory Vandenberghe rocks.

He surprises me all the time.

On the road, sometimes it felt a bit lonely and less successful than I would have hoped. Cory sent little notes of encouragement that often got me through another day. He also sponsored a couple hundred miles, and between the two, warmed the cockles of my heart.

Thanks, Cory.

Road Node 101 v. 2006 theme music by Patrick Schble.

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  1. This is quite fun getting to see the Road Node 101 2006 trip one place at a time. Thanks for taking us along this way.
    Richard's Wife

  2. On one hand, prefer not to have to retrace steps, but the one-night-stand schedule was such that posting as the trip progressed was impossible.

    Since Road Node went so very fast, it's rather nice for me, too, to revisit what turned out to be a whirlwind drive.


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