Faux Press Vloggercon Promo::Not Work-Safe

Markus and I made this on the heels of Vloggercon and I thought it had gotten uploaded via the cell phone. Not so. Blimey.

Evidently, stacking up a few 3gp files to send via MMS to Blip is not a good idea. Beyond not getting through at all, if they do all get through using Blip's auto-post-to-vlog function for 3gp files, the 2nd or 3rd file doesn't make it to Blogger containing the image, so it lands with just a text link to the media.

Guess for now the thing to do is to only send one file at a time, waiting until the first file is posted before sending another file.

Here it is, finally. The Faux Press' promo for Vloggercon.

Play Quicktime Version



  1. Ah...I was hoping to get a glimpse of thoses goggles again!


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