Revisiting Road Node 101::2005 / Reruns

Thinking about all the music I've taken from Philip Clark. His music can be heard HERE. Send him $50 and I bet he'll send you all he's got, which is considerable. Find the PayPal Button HERE.

This guy should be able to make a living just being himself. His music and his comedic and other creative talents - not least of which is charisma-in-extremis - demand the universe support him.

This is the list so far.

Road Node 101::Cambridge/HeadsOff
Chipman Storage Issues
The Right Reverend Philly Clark::Healer

There's another Faux Press piece that contains Clark's fine music, but I'm not yet authorized to release it. Sigh. Can't wait until the film's released so I can vlog it.

Support independent media, damnit.


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