Road Node 101::Vloggercon 2006

Tweaked the bumper stickers and prepare to hit the 'send' button to Mesa Vista Press for a hundred of these messages to spread around at Vloggercon.

See the Faux Press ad is up on the sidebar at Our Media. Wanted to support Our Media some way and at the same time promote Vloggercon and the Faux Press.

Were I an artist who worked on canvases, I should spend money on paint. My canvases are many, but because I begin everything as a poet, the lure of print hovers huge. One of my favorite endeavors is to get the poetry out in subversive ways, to entice the media to print my words.

A favorite such event is having been quoted in USA Today right next to the recently-inaugurated Bill Clinton and and mighty poet Maya Angelou as having said, "I'm a living, breathing f**k you!", a hilarious triumph and an epiphany during which it was determined that I chould study the heart and soul of the media machine in order to bend it to my own nefarious art purposes.


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