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Have been working with a new Nokia 6682 camera/phone and trying out some things.

This here's a rabbit's-eye view of my father's garden.

Loving the Nokia, particularly it's bright screen that adjusts itself to the light in which it finds itself, its great speaker, and in-house video editing software if not the difficulty I'm having getting it to work as a "high-speed" modem for the G4. Cingular's customer service is on the case, and so far, I'm pretty impressed with their determination to help me through this rite of passage.

If I had Tiger, the device would be darned-near perfect: I could sync contacts, notes and calendar with iSync, but alas, it requires iSync 2.5 that Tiger supports. For now, I'm synching the old phone, and from the old phone to the new phone, and Bluetoothing new cards as needed. PC users agree, synching with their software is a breeze.

I think it will take a 3G card, but that's still a research-in-progress project made recently difficult with the rural dial-up.

The 6682 manages to be all the phone I want it to be in addition to most of the media-making machine nice to have in a pinch when traveling light and/or in dial-up land.

Another nice feature is the camera's slide-down 'lens cover' that by default engages the camera when opened. The camera's ready in a flash. Speaking of flash, it's got one as well as white balance and exposure controls. Whoo-whee!

Had hoped that it would be possible to rotate the video image with one of the online editing services, but seems like the only way is to edit in the box and re-upload the file. Oh well. The in-house editor is simple, yet chose the right basic options:

  1. shorten clip
  2. glue clips together
  3. fade in/out
  4. mute sound
  5. add music

One problem with Cingular's service is that its multi-media messages have a 300 kb limit. Argh.

You can limit the length of time a clip will record. When I changed the option to 'unlimited' the out-of-the-box memory card showed more than 30 minutes of recording time. Wow. I think the ceiling memory card will hold 3 Gigs (perhaps mislead by the phone's '3G' designation). Let me get back to you on that when after the cash flow begins again.

It's native chat applications are easy to set up. Like being on AIM in odd situations.

Have I said lately that I think Bluetooth is really sexy HOT?

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