Travel Notes No. 1

Nothing in the Amsterdam digital world is how I should have preferred or imagined, but the solutions to digital road-problems are sometimes elegant.

Scarce resources. I give mine over mostly to VlogEurope! since this location has become defacto headquarters.

I become efficient with online time if a bit disconnected skimming quickly the vlogosphere news.

With browser access (but no upload - period) at "home" I am able to create posts, assign filenames / addresses to media and know that eventually a connection will be made for upload. In the meantime, I edit offline and it's fine with the G4 to do that. There's no way we can figure to move files into the local PC since USB is disabled and no networks can be created.

Test drive the iPod as field recording device. The default naming convention (date & time) works well for cataloging content. The mix piece Joel and I did with Yogi is a work I'm very happy with on so many levels. Capturing and making creative commons music as rewarding an experience as I can imagine.

Reading J.D. Lassica's "Darknet" whilst here. It is required reading. It may require a second time through to begin to really understand the implications.

Surprise guests Max & Stacy journalist / economists were in attendance. We needed citizen economists. Yeah. We've been waiting for you.

Furthermore, that wildman Graham Walker stationed in the Czech Republic kicked my editorial ass with his presentation on editing. Many good ideas. Radically re-editing the portrait of Max & Alex and other films already posted. This is a road-worthy concern: to want to rush the editorial process. One man band can benefit from off-scene editors to be sure. Just need reliable, consistent DSL or better to maintain contact with home base.

See the VlogEurope Wiki for a complete list of attendees and links.


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