VlogEurope! 2005 - The Economics of Music

When the camera came on, the musician stopped playing.

The message was clear.

For $2 EU I got the sound track.

A great deal.

Click HERE to download the Quicktime movie.



  1. Yes, we are all working together aren't we. I always try to be aware of how much others contribute to the videos I post.

  2. Cool blogsite, you got this medium down! (via Renegade Renae) Here are some more video clips of street artists: http://homepage.mac.com/fvanderpoel

  3. I just knew that would be a great video!

  4. See I don't know how I feel about that. I hate it when performers like that demand money. Like the ones at dinner who won't go away until you pay them. Or this guy you will stop playing until you pay. I know from my position I would never do that. Sure I might be disappointed if someone listened for a while and didn't do anything, especially if they recorded. But I would never stop. It's like he was doing you a favor by playing, rather than you doing a favor by tipping. A street performer, in my opinion, should perform for the love of performing, not necessarily money.

  5. Yeah, Dooser,

    That's the way I always have played it too. At the same time, we can teach audiences to contribute naturally, voluntarily by example.

    By treating artists with dignity and being aware of the value they bring to our daily lives and acting on that value - particularly the value of street musicians and musician friends - we raise the barre.

    That's what it's all about.

  6. oh amsterdam!
    nice sound.
    i think of anyone, artists and street musicians deserve money for working the jobs they do....though i never usually give them any. i guess i'm a hypocrite.


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