Faux Press Fairytale Division: The Princess & The Soldiers

Always one for multitasking, this excerpt from "The Faux Parade" is part of a continuing meditation on media, celebrity & community, not to mention the kickoff of a cocktail party that commenced at the end of the parade. Fact is, there are more layers to this piece than I can comfortably address here.

The sub-context of the remark that the wee lass, "...wanted to come down and find the soldiers so she could play with them," makes me weep. Every time.

Featured are Agnes & Benny of The Charleston (Williamsburg's best pizza / music joint), you'll also meet my friend Anice (way in the background) and poet/engineer buddy, Steve. This excerpt covers our 2nd and 3rd stops along the parade route.

Enjoy. More to come.




  1. well, I would have joined, if you would have stopped in Rolla ...

  2. Richard, I have no doubt but that you would have joined; only one of your many charms.


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