Greenthing Stamps - Part III

Trying once more to get a "greenthing" stamp made by the USPS. This time, no language, only an image of chives from my dad's garden. Wish me (and all things green) luck!



  1. I missed the beginning of this, but that is so cool! I have been wondering about this project, I would love to participate but can't see a green thing being sent to me since they are so limited. This would mean my MOM could UNKNOWINGly send me one! she would probably buy stamps with chives on them. rock on.

  2. Send snail, greenthing will travel. No doubt. :)

    Been waiting for you.

  3. Just heard from the post office: the greenthing stamps are on the way.

    Guess it must be text that's a problem. They didn't like the word "greenthing" on a USPS stamp.


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