Faux Press Vlog: Natural Light - Ode to Cinematographers

Natural Light: Ode to Cinematographers

In the film industry, we often race or 'fight' the light.

This short poetry film commemorates that moment when natural light conflicts with beauty and duty.

A "four-by" is a 4' x 4' light cutting tool used by grips to sculpt light.



  1. I really like this. On two levels (at least). One is that I enyoyed the presentation, partiularly the guitar. I also enjoy that you help us appreciate the lingo, skills and art of film making.

  2. now you're getting all artistic on us :) ... very nice

  3. Well, you're my inspiration, Richard, but since you'd already done the "professor" thing, I hadda do the "art" thing instead. :)


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