E-Band: The Vlogosphere is HOT mp3

Remixed Steven's scratch track into Max's E-Band tune and send it out as another rare podcast.

Simultaneously testing the rel="payment" tag for the Jackie Robinson Foundation.



  1. I think I'm going to have to start podcasting. What a great medium! Do you have any good sites on where to start?


  2. Sent Dave my Del.icious links to "podcasting"
    and "Podcastdirectory", and wish him all the best.

  3. Jack Bogdanski Resumes His Throne
    Last year, when we won "Best Blog Jammer" in the Best of Portland 2004 picks from Willamette Week, it came with something of a proviso.
    Hello to you. May I say that you have an excellent Blog and well worth the visit. I will definitely come back again as I found it of interest.

    I also have a blog at http://www.blog.hypnotherapy-training.info/
    and a web site that may be of interest to you on the subject of ericksonian hypnosis.

    Please check it out when you can find the time at: http://www.hypnotherapy-training.info .

  4. Checked out the above rather enigmatic commenter by Googling "Jack Bogdanski Resumes His Throne" and visiting his other link. Pretty funny. Tagged his site and now, we wait to see what - if anything - happens by way of further conversation.

    If you've returned for interest's sake, well, I've signed on to learn hypnotherapy and wanna use you for a test subject. Up for it?


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