Strangers on a Mission :: Get a String Over the Fence

Met these folks late one night whilst out hanging art posters in the neighborhood, a thing I was wont to do in 2000-2001 as part of "The World's Longest Open Love Letter".

Because it "isn't done alone," I asked for help getting a string up and over the high barbed wire fence and wound up making an interview / commercial for filmmaker Jonathan "Chickendust" Seidman and his film "In Heaven there is No Fear".

I believe this film fits the criteria for Clark ov Saturn's vlogme05 because the aforementioned string was part of the Toolkit of Love(tm) that I carry at all times. Vlogme05 because the background music was playing from the van when I landed.



  1. "In Heaven there is No Fear"

    Is this a play on words, a reference to the famous polka by the Six Fat Dutchmen called ""In Heaven there is No Beer" (to continue to the next line, "That's why we must drink it here.")?

  2. I love cool characters ... the making love part was disturbing, yet strangely intreguing (wish there was a spell checker) ...

  3. Carl,

    Find Jonathan "Chickendust" Seidman and ask him yourself. Tell him I sent you :)

  4. jonathan chikendust5/12/2010 02:46:00 PM

    here is jonathan chikendust............just found this site after years and years........

    so great to see this!

  5. It's about darned time, Jonathan. How the heck are ya, lad? What are you up to? That was a fun few minutes we had together on our 'mission'. All good things to you.


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