Breaking News: What Are You Willing to Die For?

We're not losers.



  1. We must really try to mobilize such fighting spirit when threattened by both terrorism and by policies of combatting terrorism.

  2. Very powerful presentation.

    The town I live in changed its German name back in the first world war because of hatred. Ironically, Ojai was chosen for the home of a forced labor camp for German POW's during the second world war.

    The more we hate and fear, the more we become what we hate and fear.

  3. This is good. Ite raises some good questions. What are the real threats - the people everyone points at as being the threats or the people who tell you to point at them?

  4. Wow - I misspelled "It." Sorry.

  5. We lost the war on terror when the Patriot Act was passed (and now extended), the government is whittling away at our freedoms that many of us have taken for granted for so long.

  6. Until we are fearless, the government can use the fear-as-excuse-to-carve-up-the-constitution ploy.

    The moment we are not afraid of being killed by bombs or bullets or other more insideous ruination, terrorists and anybody else interested in doing away with our rights loses.

    Do you see?

    But how do we tell 'em we're not afraid to die?

    Whoever they are.


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