Faux Press Entertainment News: Mud in Your Eye

Videoblog entry on sunburn & switching from "days" to "nights". Copious amounts of coffee are required.




  1. oh how I miss the all night shoots, but I was always DP so I barely had the time to even ask for coffee. hang in there!


  2. Thank for posting a vlog like this... it is so interesting to me seeing the behind the scenes of filming in general. I'm interested in all of the behind camera stuff. I wish I knew someone in Chicago to hang around with that was in the industry just to watch and learn. Some day I hope to be apart of that, but I will probably have to go back to college to break into this industry. If you ever have any advice, I would love to hear it! Thanks again and I look forward to future posts like this (though I love all your posts!)

  3. Contact me off the site - have a couple buddies in Chi-town who would probably dig it to have someone vlog them.


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