How to Open Media / Cookin' for One :: Potato Salad / Botany of Desire

Never again be frustrated trying to open a new CD or tape; Mom's rockin' potato salad recipe; and a recommendation for a book that changed my life.

Music: "Hackensack" by Thelonious Monk from his album "Monk".

[Quicktime Version]


  1. Mmmmm. I really enjoy your cooking videos. I feel inspired now to go make my own potato sallad! And listen to some jazz. Cheers!

  2. i like the squishy noise when you stirred it up.
    come over and lets eat.

  3. Definite thumbs up on The Botany of Desire. Wonderful book. I'll never think the same of Johnny Appleseed. What they teach childern in school!

    Good looking salad too.

  4. okay i am officially starving. (plus it's lunchtime right now)

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