Faux Press Vlog: Green Thing No. 26

What are Green Things Nos. 1-25 up to, hey?

Took Green Thing No. 26 out to dinner to a nice little Mexican place.

Music: "The Game (Narration)" by Harry Nilsson from his album "The Point"



  1. Hi Jan. I'm #25 and got to your site via one of your replies you posted today to the yahoo videoblogging group - it made me go "Right On! I've got to check out Jan's site." So I did and I see on your post the very same thing (almost) that I got out of my mailbox this weekend.

    Then I played your video and out came The Point. Too much fun. Old favorite of mine.

    Great stuff.

  2. BTW, there is some mention of #'s 9, 18 and 21 at http://www.luxomedia.com/greenthing/

  3. Waiter, there's a booty fiesta in my menu.

  4. I like The Point too.

    So there's a place where I might be able to see all the green things?

  5. TAGS, baby - TAGS!!!

    Where do tags live?

    Technorati. Mefeedia. Flickr. Del.icio.us.

    You want a greenthing? Hmmm? No. 26 is hungry.

  6. The Point was one of my favorite records when I was a kid! Thanks for that.

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