Google Scholar

As I wrote earlier this week, I'm having relationship problems with Google (its AdSense program rejected this site for sexual content as I self-label it 'explicit' so I can cuss from time to time).

As much as a S.W.I.M. can be in love with a corporation, I'm in love with Google.

Doesn't mean my sweetie can't piss me off.

Doesn't mean I can't swerve over to the competition. This site's been accepted by Kanoodle. So there.

Doesn't mean I don't love Google any more, just that in this respect we agree to disagree.

Just when I'm at the height of incomprehension, I find the Beta Google Scholar.

Like a bouquet of my favorite flowers this little search engine filter causes me to forgive if not forget.

Google Scholar "stands on the shoulders of giants," and returns only hits from "journals, abstracts and other scholarly literature."

There's nothing like makeup sex.

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