The Art of Micro Fiction

Micro story: "That's a load of garbage," says the one with the greenish face. Wait until you visit the basement. The bodies are buried in the basement."

This is much of what's left of a painting that was shown at Dam Stuhltrager Gallery in October of 2003. Because it was on a huge piece of steel, it went in the trash when I moved west of the East and Hudson Rivers.

Sigh. I miss Williamsburg.

Had lunch over the weekend at Bamonte's Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY. Delish. Best time to go there to eat is late in the afternoon. Service is good. You'll have the place mostly to yourself. Just as you finish, the Brooklyn locals begin to arrive and that's a sight not to be missed

Just uploaded "Faux Parade" onto Underground Film which is a great spot for indie underground shorts and features. Guess that means it will soon have its official public web premiere. Yeah.

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