81 Million Hectares of GM Crops Grown Worldwide in 2004

From The Sydney Morning Herald:

About 80 per cent of the more than 300,000 hectares of Australia's cotton crop contains GM plants, and the figure is expected to grow when the tenth crop containing GM strains goes in later this year.

Mr Truss said the state moratoria were hurting farmers.

"How much longer can Australian farmers compete if unscientific state bans on Genetically Modified Organisms deny access to higher yielding, pest and disease resistant, drought tolerant plant varieties?" he told the Victorian Rural Press Club.

Dr Larkin said it had become fashionable for opponents of the introduction of GM crops to speak of a precautionary principle.

"The precautionary principle is really a pretext for rejecting anything you don't like the sound of," he said.

"It's a formula for technological death by constipation [emphasis added].

Dought-resistant, pest-resistant, disease-resistant, herbicide-resistant plants.

Fucked up.

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